The secret ingredient to success


The secret ingredient to success: Aligning your critical talent with your top strategic objectives

As the economy begins to recover from a global recession, we find ourselves in a period of accelerated growth; one that presents an opportunity to drive change, not just react to it. Whether you want to gain on your competitors, or remain a leader in your market, proactively re-engineering your company strategy can boost your competitive edge and future-proof your business’ success.

For any strategy to be successful, your most critical and skilled talent must become in sync with your top strategic goals. Is your organization equipped with the tools to align your key talent, so that they can rise up to meet new challenges and spearhead the organization towards new heights of success?

Listen in as we explore best practices for linking your most important goals with your most critical talent. Learn how Nakisa Goals & Performance streamlines goal alignment and the performance appraisal process so that you can focus on developing your top talent and calibrating their efforts to support your company’s most important visions.

During this webinar discover how to:

Establish goals for your workforce that are aligned with your company's targets.
Align your critical talent to your most important strategic objectives.
Visualize and track goal assignments to ensure the right talent is working on the right project.
Gain cross-departmental visibility on goals so that leaders can dramatically reduce redundancy.
Foster employee engagement, and ultimately enhance retention.

Our speakers:

Chuck Frosst

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Nakisa Inc.

Chuck Frosst leads Nakisa’s global operations, and focuses on expanding Nakisa’s HCM solution strategy. With more than 25 years of experience in both senior business leadership and senior strategic human capital leadership roles, Chuck’s expertise includes executive leadership, global business strategy, operations, organization development and talent management.

Raagi Pandya

Raagi Pandya

HCM Evangelist, Nakisa Inc.

Raagi is the Global Director and HCM Evangelist at Nakisa. He has been involved extensively in the HCM space for over 15 years. He works closely with many organizations worldwide to build sustainable HR strategies and continually develop new innovations.

Jon Druker

Jon Druker

Senior Product Manager, Talent Management, Nakisa Inc.

Jon is the Sr. Product Manager for the Talent suite at Nakisa. He has been working in the IT industry for over 15 years and works with customers and industry experts to build world-class HCM software solutions that address today’s business challenges.

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