Organizational Transformation Through Target Driven Scenario Modeling


Organizational Transformation Through Target Driven Scenario Modeling

Organizational design has changed over the years. Organizations used to depend heavily manual effort, binders, papers, mock-ups, and data resources that had to be pulled from disparate sources that weren’t always accurate or correct. Technology has caused the nature of organizational design to evolve significantly. It is now a larger concept known to as “Organizational Transformation”.

Organizational Transformation is the process of visualizing real-time data, accessing advanced organizational modeling, and leveraging HR analytics in order to identify vulnerabilities and trends, in an effort to exceed operating commitments and drive organizational performance. This webinar will explain how Organizational Transformation through target driven scenario modeling has shifted the paradigm of the HR function to help develop the organization of the future.

In this session, our subject matter experts will showcase how NAKISA’s HANELLY can help specifically with:

Acquisition Integration
Restructuring for operation efficiencies
Restructuring for cost reduction
Leveraging data to enhance organizational performance

Our speakers:

Jodi Marner

Jodi Marner

HCM Business Solutions, Executive Leader, Nakisa

Jodi is the HCM Business Solutions, Executive Leader, at Nakisa. With more than 22 years of experience working in strategic human resources leadership roles, Jodi offers subject matter expertise on merger and acquisition integration, divestures, compensation, recruiting and partnering with the business to drive the strategy forward using proactive talent strategies.

Chuck Frosst

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Nakisa Inc.

Chuck is the Chief Operations Officer at Nakisa. He has been involved extensively in the HCM space for over 30 years and works closely with many organizations worldwide to build sustainable HR strategies and continually develop new innovations.

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