NAKISA Training & Certification Program

Turn expertise into profit

As a global company and developer of enterprise class HCM software solutions Nakisa has a strong partner base with professional and certified consultants to bring our products to market. To ensure every partner is supported with the information and knowledge they require, Nakisa has a comprehensive partner training program which can be tailored to suit the needs of your organization.

Learning outcome

Understand basic features, functionalities and benefits of Nakisa HCM solutions.

Perform configurations available in the Admin Console.

Install and deploy the solution following best practices.

Understand all the features of the Admin Console.

Be proficient with the application architecture and its relationship with SAP HCM.

Troubleshoot common product and deployment issues.

Nakisa certification program

The certification program is designed to provide Consultants with the skills to implement , configure and successfully manage a Nakisa project from start to finish.

To become a Nakisa Certified Consultant, candidates will be required to complete the following training:

Functional Training (self-paced pre-course online training)

Functional training is a self-paced pre-course online training session that will allow  participants to get to know the features and functionalities of all Nakisa applications and is a prerequisite for the technical implementation training. 

Technical Core Training (five-day, classroom format)

The five-day core training enables candidates to independently manage a Nakisa  OrgHub™and  TalentHub™ implementation project from start to finish. Upon successful completion of the technical core training exam, participants will be considered official 4.3 trained consultants.

On-demand expert classes for Nakisa OrgAudit™ and OrgModeler™

The Nakisa OrgModeler and OrgAudit expert classes are designed to provide consultants with advanced, in-depth knowledge about the business and workflow processes in the solutions  to ensure proficiency with the specific configuration requirements in each application. 

Final Certification Exam

After completing the first three steps of the Nakisa certification path, candidates are eligible to take the final certification exam, comprising of a theoretical online exam and a practical configuration task. Once candidates  have passed the exam, Nakisa Certification will be awarded.