Organizational Transformation and Strategy

Hanelly Business Services create winning conditions for your organizational transformations.

Organization of the future and digital transformation are important topics but what does it mean for your day-today? How can you can you leverage the best technology to power your best practices, or even create new ones? Hanelly Business Services is here to answer those questions and more.

We partner with organizations to:

  • Advise in the planning and execution of transformation projects
  • Ensure alignment to business goals by leveraging analytics and reporting
  • Leverage Nakisa’s Hanelly solution to ensure speed and minimize work hours devoted to the project
  • Use predictive analytics to develop multiple scenarios and choose the desired future state

Why Hanelly Business Services?

  • Nakisa has been serving the Global Fortune 500 with HR solutions for almost two decades attracting top brands as clientele.
  • We have an analytics-based approach built on the world’s leading organizational transformation solution which we developed., Hanelly by Nakisa.
  • Our team is experienced with complex transformations at large scales having lead top brands through some of the largest transformations and integrations of the last two decades.
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